10 days of family (day five)

Remember when I showed you a photo of my Great Great Great Uncle Fritz Zeigler & Great Great Aunt Kate in the late 1850's? Well, this is a photo of my Great Great Great Uncle Fritz Zeigler, Great Great Aunt Kate Deckert-Zeigler and their children Kennith, Irma and Genieve. The dog is so cute, too! My mom and I laugh at him every time we look at this photo. It's so odd to look at a photo from so long ago and know that's who you came from.... isn't it? I kind of love the feeling. I'm kind of obsessed with it, actually. All that German blood running through my veins!
love, polly :)


Madeline Grace said...

I love all of these pictures! I should see if my Nanna has some I can post! This looks like so much fun!

Heather Belle said...

So awesome! Wish I had more photos like this of my own family!!
xo Heather