outfit: used to believe in a lot more.

So the other night I saw My Week with Marilyn and now I am obsessed with beauty marks :) To make a beauty mark: Pick any place to accentuate (usually by your lips) and take liquid eyeliner to make a dot big enough where it looks intentional. If you don't like your first try, then remove it with make-up remover and try again! :D I think it just adds a little something special.
I styled a photo-shoot yesterday with two beautiful sisters who have the most amazing eyes. I really branched out and did something different with this shoot... and I am so happy about it. I can't wait to share the photos with you. P.S. I am all moved into my new place and I'll be sharing photos of my room within the week!
love, polly


Anonymous said...

You look lovely! I really want to see that movie, I probably will sometime this week. Congrats on moving into your new place! I'm looking forward to seeing how your room turned out :D

Oh, have you had a chance to write back?


Madeline Grace said...

Can't wait to see your room when it is done!

Glad to hear My Week with Marylin is good! I really want to see it!

Little Lo Hood said...

Cute outfit! I like the pops of color on white! Look forward to seeing those photos! :) -Lo

Anonymous said...

Love it, Polly! xoxo, Lela

Cilou said...

You are lovely with or without a beauty mark, Polly! =) I also have one, just under my eye, I noticed it after I read your post. Proud of me! ^^
Bref, the end of your message is full of promises I'm eager to discover your new place (I'm pretty sure it will be decorated with good taste, just as your room!) and the photo-shoot you did with these two sisters! See you on your next post!

April said...

Cute outfit! I love Rilo Kiley. Portions for Foxes and Does He Love You? - Whenever they come on my Zune, I listen to them at least three times before moving on.

Amber said...

cute outfit and your beauty mark great. I have a small mole on my right cheek that I darken when I'm feeling frisky.

Brittany Sims said...

I wanted to see that movie but haven't yet. Love the read hat! :)


Zane said...

beautiful skirt and sweater, adore the shoes as well

Maria Elyse said...

Ooo, yes! I thinks we do have the same hat! You know what that means? We're HAT TWIIIINS. ♥

I can't wait to see your room and photography project!! And yes, we should skype again soon. :D


P.S. I have this funny little mole to the above-right of my lips, and it's the perfect spot for beauty marks, so I always draw one on top of the mole, hahahaha!

Isha said...

Thank you for following me Polly! <3
Greetings from India! :)
I am following u right away!
Loving all ur posts n outifts!

Ly said...

I love the red hat!! I wish I could pull of a beanie like hat haha.