Meet Courtney..

Hi, there! I want you to meet someone new... someone very special. Her name is Courtney and she has a blog called A Bevy Of. I saw she commented on one of my lookbook photos so I visited her, too, and turns out she is totally and absolutely stunning and inspiring. She deserves her own post on my blog. I asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better.... Enjoy!
P: Courtney, where do you live? C: I live in Los Angeles, CA, but I'm from Michigan. This might surprise some people but I really don't like it out here and actually plan on moving back to Michigan in the Spring. My boyfriend and I really miss trees, open spaces, nice people, and oddly enough, freezing cold winters. Plus, Detroit is going through this beautiful artistic renaissance right now and my boyfriend and I want to be a part of it.
P: What are your hobbies? C: I love spool knitting and crocheting as well as thrifting/vintage hunting. I have an etsy shop for both of those hobbies! I have been ice skating since I was 3 and did that pretty much non-stop until I graduated from high school. I'm also a Graphic Designer and my friend who started the organization Detroit Lives will ask me once in a while to design a poster or two for him. Designing posters is probably my favorite Graphic Design pastime. 
Some other non-fashion things about me: I worked for the co-owner of The Drybar, he was the one who designed everything for them. Under his direction, I designed everything for the makeup and beauty lounge, Blushington. Right now, I am designing similar things for various beauty lounges. I love it!
P: Do you own any pets? C: Prior to transferring to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, I actually went to Michigan State for two years with the intention of becoming a Veterinarian. I have two cats with me here in CA: Ponytail & Mustache. Ponytail is a rescue and Mustache is a beautiful yet goofy Ragdoll. As I'm typing this, Mustache is attempting to knock over my coffee mug. I keep telling him  no, but that doesn't mean anything to him.... When we move back to Michigan, my boyfriend and I plan on adopting a Boxer and a Golden Retriever. My parents have two White Golden Retriever puppies named Sadie and Oakley, a Ragdoll named Elvis, and a chubby little tabby named Madison, I consdier all of them my pets. 
P: How would you describe your personal style? C: Very eclectic but consistent. I love vintage clothing as well as thrifted clothing, and I think it's obvious from looking at my outfits that I love patterns and prints, and I've been really getting into textures, too, like velvet, suede, and knit. I love creating beautiful and interesting color pallettes of certain hues and tints. I try to mix prints based on the colors within the print. I'm really excited to see how my wardrobe will evolve over the following seasons, and to see how I'm going to deal with less layers when I get back to the humid summers in Michigan.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with us, Courtney.
love, polly


trishie said...

She has a great quirky sense of style! And so pretty.

Janette said...

Love her style! She's so pretty! I'm off to visit her blog... Although I'm gonna have to say there are tons of nice people in LA! (Ahem!) *points to self*

Janette the Jongleur

ftashion said...

ooo, she has amazing style too! I'm going to hop over to her blog now! Thank you Polly for doing this awesome interview!

Fang Ting

This Charming Style said...

oh my gosh, her style is just stunning! thank you so much for introducing her to us, she's something else! xx

Amber said...

she has such a unique style and the way she talks about Michigan has me wanting to move. Heading over to check out her blog.

Liz Brown said...

Thank you for sharing her with us! :) I think she is gorgeous and has a lot of great style going on.

Heather Belle said...

Wow, what a doll! Shes adorable, thanks for sharing!

Zane said...

I adore her style, been following her for a while now. She is adorable and really inspiring.

Mri said...

Oh my god I love her style ! <3 definitely gonna visit her blog :D
xx, Mri

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i swear this girl got hit up lucky with the layering mastery of a genius!!! so funny to see this today b/c i was trying to vote for one of my blog friends in a contest and took immediate notice of Courtney's photo submission. clicked over and checked out her space. what a bunch of magic! i adore her style, thanks for sharing more inside scoops Polly. she sounds like an incredible lady, her love of all fur babies warms my heart! ♥