15 admirable goals for 2012

1. Treat yourself: Have you accomplished a big goal or had an unusually hard day at work? Feeling kind of down? Buy something that is guaranteed to make you happy. Rewards make all the difference! I am in no way saying this should become a regular habit for no apparent reason. The trick is: it has to be inexpensive. These little rewards are SO helpful and I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting mail/ knowing I have something on the way! Try to keep it under $5. What will relax you that is under $5, you ask? Well, current obsessions of mine are: colorful over the knee socks on ebay and these amazing organic vegan soaps- to name a couple.
2. Start a collection. As you might well know, I am the queen of collections. If you have room or plan on collecting something small (and affordable!) then starting a collection could add a lot of happiness and interest to your life! Keep it to a minimum and choose an item that really interests you. If you love vintage, do some research and visit some local antique malls to choose the perfect quirky collection items for you. (P.S. collections take time.... it isn't fun to buy a whole collection in one day! Don't settle!)
3. Purchase a new fluffy beautiful BIG towel. WOW. I did this about a month ago and I can't be happier about the decision (especially since I am in college). How many times has your current towel pooped out on you because your hair was too wet? I love lounging around in my new fluffy (pastel pink!) towel. Make sure you choose the right color for yourself- it needs to make YOU happy! This probably won't be hard considering the fact that Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a HUGE wall full of beautiful towels in a wide range of colors (that's where I bought mine). The brand I chose is Royal Velvet... you won't be disappointed!
4. Give small gifts for no reason. This is something I don't do a lot. I am really trying to change that! They don't have to cost a lot... they just have to tell the person who you're giving it to that you've been paying attention to their interests. Have they been eyeing that organic mango juice every time you go to the store with them? SECRETLY BUY IT and wrap it in a bow for them. They won't be suspecting a thing and it will make their day ten times brighter... I promise! Everyone loves gifts/surprises!
5. Send your mom and dad a letter/postcard. This isn't something I'm very good at, either, but it's going to change. I am going to make sure they know I appreciate them. It is sure to make them smile and feel like they did something right in raising you!
6. Go organic. Okay.. many people don't like the word 'organic,' but I do. Don't down it 'til you try it, folks! Eating organic provides huge heath benefits (organic foods are 30% (and higher) more nutritious for you). I also love to buy organic soaps, shampoos & cotton t-shirts. Pesticides are nasty and damage the earth and everyone's health. Try buying ONE THING that is organic each week and see how it makes you feel. Every time I use my organic hair conditioner it makes me feel so great that Im supporting the right people while being nice to my body! Pesticides cause cancer!
7. Find that discount record store. When I first inherited my record player, I had no records. I instantly had an addiction that could have turned very expensive.. I wanted so many records! Ebay or Amazon is a great place to find the perfect cheap record you desire. If you like thumbing through countless records to find a gem like I do, then make sure you scout out your local vintage book stores because many of them also have great, cheap records! (you have to like some oldies, though).
8. Buy a water bottle. I finally gave into buying my very own beautiful water bottle this year. It's BPA free and it's also insulated so I can put hot tea in it! It's really a dream and I believe it was under $10 at Wal-mart. It helps me to stay hydrated at all times and it makes my day a little better! 
9. Find a vitamin you love taking. This wasn't easy for me... I used to take 10 different vitamins (ridiculous) a few years ago but quickly tired of the tedious task. I found a vegan vitamin that was perfect for me via Vitacost.
10. Get a big beautiful mirror in your room. Again- keep it affordable! I found a great vintage circular BIG mirror at a local thrift store for only $2 and I couldn't be happier. If you don't like having mirrors around... consider this fact and what it means. Do you hate looking at yourself? Why? Start loving yourself.... force yourself to! Buy a big mirror! Decorate it, too! (My mother loves to decorate mirrors with pretty buttons and seashells).
11. Only pick the very most special things at the thrift store. Woah. Okay. I am so guilty of going to the thrift store and buying things that really aren't so great. I get home and take a look at them after a couple of weeks and think....... "WHY?" I wasted money and time. Only pick the most special of special items at the thrift store that will really add to the ascetic value of your house. Recently I've been walking out completely empty-handed after thrifting and it feels so good! Don't settle just because you wanted to walk away with SOMETHING! You don't need it!
12. Stop one nervous habit. Okay, let's be honest... this goal should have (at least for a while) behind it. ONE of my very nervous habits is biting my nails AND cuticles. What is wrong with me!? Anyway... Stop that one nervous ugly habit of yours for a month. See how you feel!!
13. Notice something you've never noticed before. For the longest time, I didn't have much of a personality. I was boring. I didn't have collections or care about being vegan or going organic. I didn't collect dried flowers, I didn't like going to antique stores. This is a long story but the moral of it IS that you need to know yourself. Spend time alone and start journaling about what you see. Do you love a specific flower? Can you dry it? Do you like pastels? Go to Lowe's and collect some pastel paint chips and make something with it. Notice beautiful things in your life and take advantage of their presence!
14. Watch more films. I'll be the first one to admit that I am a nerd for great films. I LOVE going to our local art theatre and seeing a beautiful film. I love buying films and renting them at That's Rentertainment. One big goal of mine is to start watching one vintage movie every week. It enhances your life, your vocabulary (often times), and your personal style! How inspirational!
15. Childhood photos. It's time to steal some childhood photos back from your parents. I do this all of the time. I am very nostalgic towards my childhood because of various reasons. Choose a few really happy childhood family photos and make copies of them. Hang the photos around your room/ home. I always enjoy seeing childhood photos of my mother, father and I. It's my happy place. It might end up being yours, too!
love, polly 


Polka Princess said...

Whoa! Great tips...thanks for sharing! :)

In fact, I might take up a few of 'em soon.......looks like they'll actually make a whole lot of difference!!

April said...

That's a really good list. I'm going to have to bookmark this!

Zane said...

great list of goals, thanks for sharing, dear :)

Marja said...

Lovely list of goals! I'm trying to find more cameos for my little collection of only three, but hey its a start!

Marja <3

Automatic Doll said...

yours is the sweetest list. I love the part about developing a personality of your own, and noticing the small things that you normally would not have seen. This list is inspiring, and I am printing it out and posting it by my mirror.

Also, thank you for the nice posts on my AutomaticDoll blog earlier today. I'm so happy that you are following me now! I'm only just beginning, and your blog is such an inspiration to me. You rock!

Misty Chaos said...

This is one awesome list! ♥

nikkijoy said...

Totally with you on the childhood photos! I can't help but crack a smile at the sight of my 5-year-old self in a minnie mouse outfit, no matter how tough a day has been! =)

annikavictoria said...

*Adding those knee-high socks to my ebay watchlist*... if I'm feeling down, then I'm going to be like, Polly said I can buy these! And they're only $5! Thank you :) haha

xx Annika

Liezyl Gomez said...

i took a cue from your list and i already bought a water bottle! 14 more to go!

Drama Queen said...

I love that list! I am a vegetarian and love organic foods. I am trying out your list (the ones i can do) and i will post about each goal when it is fulfilled and i will add my own little flair to my goals! I am so excited! I love everything antique and i collect quite a few differant things. I love your blog!!!

Gracey said...

lovely list worth taking time this year! :) i'm catching up with a lot of films, too. and finally found the vitamins-c that isn't giving me allergy.

happy life to you polly! cheers ;)

Nat @ dear little house said...

Great list! I love having a big towel :)

Nina said...

Ah I want to share this on my blog! Would you mind?
TAG! You're it.


chimidama said...

Aww...what a list. I love the way you start it from littlest thing..never thought of getting fluffy towel would be a joy..

I just watched 'Perfect Sense' and I'm scared of what modern biologically modified food could do to us. Even it's just a film, well, organic is the best..

Katherine said...

Such a great list of goals! I'm a movie nerd too and have to say, I share your love of Eternal Sunshine (love the tattoo!) Good luck with them this year. Kx

Alice said...

Great list - I'll have to give some of these a go! :]

Amber said...

your list is wonderful. I finally got rid of my nail biting habit but man was it hard!

lola said...

OMG what a beautiful photos! love your outfit Polly ! xx

Lindsay Ann said...

these are great goals! i love every single one of them! they seem very attainable which i admire :)

Polly Bland said...

thank you to everyone. I wrote this from the bottom of my heart :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

between the white lace, sorbet colored plaids, yellow stockings and magenta accents i am practically wiping the sweat from my brow here as i catch up. Polly Bland, you have got a lot of goodness up your sleeves, and yes indeed some very admirable goals too!

most excellent call on treating yourself with a reward, that's something i did recently and it sure does help keep a person on track to achieve a goal. the temple aka my body has been getting some extra lovin' lately after letting things go. organic food really does create a pure feeling inside and out.

your Mom's idea for decorating a mirror is something i've never heard put that way before. i LOVE it, so doing this!!!! thanks lades, this was a lovely bit of insp to read. xo ♥