Paulie Antiques now has instagram!

You might know that I run an online shop called Paulie Antiques where I sell my original artwork, hand made bow ties, and anything vintage and antique. I wanted to announce that the twitter account also now has instagram (yay!).
 Also, I am doing a trunk show in April for College Fashion Week which I've never been more excited about. An April fashion show is also in the works for me.. and I'm beginning to make clothing over the break. I'm in such a very exciting time to build my label. Thank you for your support. Paulie Antiques also has a facebook page, as well, if you'd like to visit us and leave a sweet little message. I'd love that..... 
love, polly :)


Marja said...

Im looking forward to buying from Paulie Antiques! Those bows look adorable.
Good Luck on the fashion show and making all of the clothing!

Hope you have a magical Christmas!

Marja <3

April said...

Sounds like things are going well!! I want an iPhone JUST for Instagram, but then I remember how much I dislike iPhones.

JustSandy said...

The bows are gorgeous, Polly! I do appreciate unique styles. :D

Olya Olegovna said...

Thanks for your share! likes on instagram