the start of a new collection..

Hi, there! I've mentioned a few times that I have started to collect vintage compacts, but it's a very small collection which I hope to expand upon throughout my lifetime. I thought I'd show you a peek at my new collection and tell a story of each one. I believe that a collection starts with three items.. but in this case, I know I'll collect more so it's the beginning of my collection... 
The big silver one belonged to my mother (I need to ask her where she got it!) and I found the black and gold mesh one while antiquing for my 21st birthday last year at Lisa's Antique Mall in Illinois. It has a mesh bag that holds the powder. It was only about 5-10 dollars if I remember right. A very swell deal!
UPDATE: Also, I wanted to update you on how my diet has been! I've been vegan for two weeks yesterday! Every Saturday I celebrate another week and treat myself to vegan ice cream or vegan cupcakes. It's a great reward system which works wonders for me! 
In other news, I am off to Taylorville, IL (my home town) today to attend my Great Grandmother Frisina's funeral and see my family which has driven in from St. Louis, Maryland, Mississippi, and many other states to share memories of her life. Hopefully I can get around to posting some outfits in beautiful places (because in Taylorville... there are so many beautiful locations!!). I am wearing a black dress that used to belong to my Great Grandmother to her funeral. I thought it was a perfect way to honor her memory living on through her grandchildren :)
I'm off to pack! Which color of suitcase shall I use? 
love, polly 


Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Polly! Nice compacts. And the reward system sounds great!

It's nice that you're wearing your great grandmother's dress to honor her. What a sweet girl you are!

Nikki said...

what a sweet collection! whenever I start collecting thigs I always get a little crazy and start hamestering. It drove my mom crzy! I remember my stamps, stuffed bunnies, purple barbie clothes, Turqoise deco and whatnot collections ^^ I had so much fun! x

Anonymous said...

Seeing those compacts brought me back to the scent of my Great-Grandmother's old one...ugh, best smell ever.

Vegan Icecream is to die for. In Canada we have Luna & Larry's Coconut's divine.


Irene Wibowo said...

love it! irene wibowo/

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense said...

This is such a unique item to collect. You have a lovely start!

2 weeks is a great accomplishment! Have you tried coconut ice cream yet? Oh my... sinfully delicious.