every planet we reach is dead.

I've been obsessed with the Demon Days album by the Gorillaz for the past few weeks. I listen to it in the costume shop every time I get the chance. How did I not listen to this album in its entirety before now? Baffling. 
Today was my Great Grandmother Lucille Frisina's funeral service. It went well and it was so nice to see my family again. It was a much needed break. I also managed to acquire quite a bit of vintage beauties which I'll have to fully elaborate on in my next post :)
i love you!


Maria said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your style Polly, so original, so you!

My Favourite Fashion Things said...

Love the look and song as well

ftashion said...

The blue skies and your navy dress are such great match to your cute yellow socks! Love the photos!

Ash :0)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Sorry to hear about the death of a family member but look forward to seeing what she passed onto you (which I am sure you will appreciate).
Kelly xo

Eleni said...

Glad it went well, sweetie x

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense said...

Those mustard knee highs are darling. I too recently pulled out Demon Days after years of collecting dust. So good. Have you heard the newest album? It's a different sound but I really like it.

Alyssa said...

That sky is so bluuuuue! :O

Amber Blue Bird said...

loving the mustard knee highs. very cute. I had only heard one Gorillaz tune before but I think I will have to expand on that. This song is awesome.

I wish I was a giant anteater said...

LOOK AT THAT SKY!!!!! pretty :)
I'm sorry to hear about your great-grandmother x

Maria Elyse said...

You look so gorgeous against the dreamy blue sky. :) I love your dress with those mustard knee socks! And your backpack is darling, as well. :)

Glad to hear your grandmother's funeral service went well. Love you! ♥

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Bad Taste Toast said...

Awww you look so cute in the photos! Lovely outfit, especially the yellow knee socks! And I love this song :)

Tori said...

Beautiful heels! I don't know if you got my email or not but the breast cancer post is scheduled for Thursday.

Beauty Follower said...

But your socks are so lively!

Alice said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos - perfect!