new tags for Paulie Antiques!

These are the new personalized tags that come with every handmade purchase in my shop, Paulie Antiques! My mother was sweet enough to order these tags with my name on them.. there's so much room to write about the purchase on the inside- I love them! (thanks, mom!!) This is a rather new branding, and if you haven't seen my new shop, feel free to visit!
love, polly :)


Another Diamond Day said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I am Giulia! Nice to meet you! I blog over anotherdiamonday!
Have a lovely weekend!:-)

miss teacups. said...

these are so adorable. they look GREAT!

Alyssa said...

I love personalization, and even moreso when a small business takes the extra time and care to add little touches to give more of a special feeling for their customers. ^_^

Lyndall said...

Ooh, they're so cute! I love the dress form :)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I'm definitely going to have a peek at the shop... =) x