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Hi, there! I thought it might be fun to show a little "behind the scenes" photos while I am moving and trying to get everything organized and in it's place. I've been an active costume designer for short films, music videos, and fashion shoots for over a year now and I couldn't be happier. Here are some behind the scenes shots from my dream jobs! ......
This photo is from the first film I ever costumed called, "Once Upon a Time in 1972"
These two photos are the result of costuming the lead character in The Conversationalist. (the second film I costumed!)
These photos are from the music video called, Midnight Love that I styled this summer!
There are a series of behind the scenes shots for which I did a special project called, "Every Suitcase Tells a Story." This photo is only one... but you can see part one and part two at those links!
And last but certainly not least, here are some photos of Bow Tie Week! I loved this week and plan to continue on with it as soon as possible. If you'd like to see the wonderful bow ties I have designed, here they are: the Banana Cream Pie Bow Tie, the Cotton Candy Dream Bow Tie, the Kitschy Pear Bow Tie, and the Carrot Cake Cupcake Bow Tie!
hope your Sunday is loverly, I'm off to buy myself a new mattress for my brand new room! I'll show photos (like always!) of my new room SOON!
love, polly  


SDiB said...

Oh these are wonderful. Rhi always dreamed of working in costume for film/tv or in some sort of arts production role.

You have such a dream job - and your clearly amazing at it!

amazing :)

R&L xx

Lauren said...

How fun! I absolutely adore the outfit in the second photo. I would totally wear that!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

How fun! I love seeing behind the scenes action!

Maria Elyse said...

How fun to see your different experiences in designing and styling! :) It looks so fun. :)

Ooo...I can't wait to see your new room! :)

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog earlier! And a surprise for me?! :D You're way too sweet. :)

Maria Elyse
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Irene Wibowo said...

it's look fun.. :) Love it..

Irene Wibowo

Eva en Anna said...

Amazing pictures! I love this post.

Your blog is lovely. Would you like to follow each other :-)?

SomeoneLikeYou said...

You have such a charming, delightful, and utterly unique blog! I am hooked! Thank you ever so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such a dear little comment; you're just a sweet little cherry :D

Gemma said...

Great blog, I really love it!
The pics make me smile :)
I follow you dear!

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