my first costume design in a music video// Midnight love by Mokhov

This is the music video for the artist Mokhov I've been talking about the past few weeks. It's called Midnight Love. So happy that it's finally ready for you to watch! We all love it and are very proud. Hope you love it, too. We're looking forward to doing more of these soon! Look for me in the green dress at the end!

Here are some screen caps I took from the video.. and, you guessed it- my suitcase made it into the video! This makes me really happy!
 I used a vintage tie my mother used to wear when she lived in Hollywood, CA for Allegra's "boyish" look in the beginning.
And, eventually, she looks in the suitcase and finds a wonderful dress I purchased at Modcloth. Then her transformation begins!
I thrifted this hat at Goodwill for only 3 dollars! 
We used some shots from around my room.. this is my vanity.
and these are from my studio! Hope you enjoyed the video!
love, polly 


Anzouya said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Everything is looking great and you too are beautiful in this video. I love the whole styling!

kimbirdy said...

aw cinderella! i love it. you did a fabulous job with all the styling/wardrobe design!! plus you got to dance with a cute boy. ;) yay!

Maria E. said...

Aw, that was really well-done and cute! Loved it and you did a great job, as did all the other peoples involved. :)

And you and Nathan were in it! :) ♥ You guys are super adorable. :)

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A said...

Looks fantastic! It feels very vintage but quite modern too. Congrats, I hope this leads to more projects like this.

Jo said...

Eek! It looks amazing! I love love love the vintage suitcase!

Lost in the Haze

Anna said...

Aw, congratulations! You should be very proud.

christina said...

very nice! :) congrats my sweetest Polly...

Sofia said...

Wow. I can't get over the AMAZINGNESS of your clothes and hats. So wonderful!

jen said...

i loved the video it was very nice, and i especially loved allegra's boyish look! the tie was such a perfect touch. congrats!!

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