Picture of Success

I've been feeling strange lately. Like success is fleeting and I want to be succeeding in life and my career but I don't quite have the stamina or the want. I met with my director, Tim, last night to talk about the upcoming music video he is directing and I am costume designing.. we are working things out and getting back into the creative mode, so I believe I feel as if the ball is rolling now (since the last film we made- The Conversationalist) and it's a really good feeling to be back in the game. Can't wait to show you the process!! .
this was my breakfast yesterday before work at Dandelion Vintage. We did the displays AGAIN! I didn't even get to take a picture of the second one I did! not to worry- I'll start bringing my camera to work more often, yes?
Outfit details: 
vintage wool skirt from Goodwill in Springfield, IL
tan heels from Modcloth
vintage hat from a flea market in Edwardsville, IL
vintage white flower bib blouse- Goodwill in Edwardsville, IL
pink suitcase- gift from my Drawing 1 teacher, the lovely Leslie (thank you, again, Leslie!)
hope you're having a lovely Friday, so far :)
love, polly :)


Elia Marie said...

YES to rilo kiley! Been a fav of mine for years and years as well. Love this blouse too! And i know what you mean, i've been stuck in a rutt for whatseems like forever now, trying to get into some movie work, fingures crossed!

Victoria said...

This outfit is beautiful...yours always are! The colors all go amazingly with each other.
Good luck with everything!

Maria E. said...

Lovely outfit, as always. :)

I get what you mean when you talk about feeling like success is you want to savor it and hold on to it while you can.

Maria Elyse
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Cel said...

You look lovely today, like you should be walking along some gorgeous little street in Paris.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love that cute little vintage hat!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Meher said...

Oh, I love the blouse, so lady like. :)

jess said...

I love Rilo Kiley too. I love your hat.

kat ann said...

i adore your blog! thanks for stopping by mine! cant wait to keep up with your lovely outfits and adventures. =)

Jennyboo said...

I love Rilo Kiley. I have been listening to her for son long and never get tired! Loving your outfit. It is stunning! The hat and the shoes are just the perfect accessories for the whole look. Beautiful!! xx

Yajaira said...

love the necklace

Jenni Wells said...

Styling for a film would be such an incredible experience. I am anxious to see what you’re putting together! This outfit is darling. I can’t believe you found such a lovely blouse at Goodwill. I can never find cutesy blouses that fit there.

Emma said...

That outfit is soo wonderful! The skirt is especially fantastic.

cocktailvintage said...

hi!!! love the door of Dandelion. Looks like a nice place to work!!it's a shame i'm that far i can't visit it. btw love the shoes!!!!
xxx from

Polka Princess said...

You look like a traveller straight out of the 40s!!! Love! :)