The Lovebot Factory//giveaway aftermath!

You might remember the wonderful giveaway my sponsor, Jaco, from The Lovebot Factory. This lovely cat bot plushie was specially made for my followers! Isn't she cute? This is the random winner with the plushie<3 Thank you so much for taking pictures for me, Meredith!
And... thank you so much to The Lovebot Factory!
love, polly :)


Lauren Hairston said...

Cute! Congrats to Meredith!

lasophia said...

That is just the cutest catbot Ive ever seen! My boyfriend calls me a robot because of how I look in pictures. He calls me "Sophiabot" haha.


Suze said...

I very much like the list of your favorite music.

E.L.O., Fleetwood Mac and Supertramp are among mine, as well.

Beautiful blog.