now it's easy, getting easier to leave you and this town behind

BEHOLD! This is my one of my very most favorite Bright Eyes songs. Not sure why, but I just find it close to my heart. Seems like some of his oldest songs are my most favorite. He actually came to the U of Illinois to visit but I ended up being busy at the time of the concert :( What a shame.
I know it's kind of a funny thing.. taking pictures of yourself with someone else's house.. And it's not like I haven't done it before. It's a little amusing to see other people's looks when they see me walking around the neighborhood with this outfit on carrying a tripod in my hand until I find something I see that strikes my eye. In Taylorville, I never had to worry about other people seeing me (it makes me SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE!!). But I am somehow learning to care less lately. Just like I stopped caring about what people think about me in general a few years ago. I am still conscious of the activity- but that is fine. People can pick me apart all they want- it's only made me stronger my whole entire life. You wouldn't believe just how many times I've been rejected or made fun of in my life. I believe it's been a great thing to learn and grow from.
I'm going into work at Dandelion Vintage today! Then I have to shoot straight to Cocomero until 7:30! Today is going to be a busy busy day! I'D LIKE TO MAKE SOME ART SOON... but I haven't really had the energy lately.. this makes me really really sad. Any suggestions to help? :D
love, polly


Cailin´s Place said...

like the dress!great!kisses

Rachel said...

These are such cute shots; I love your poses! And the song's really awesome too; I'm gonna listen for more from them for sure. :D

gracey said...

looking so royal! :) love love the song. thanks for sharing!

The Lilac Rabbit said...

I take time-release B12 for energy. It is awesome! You look so old-fashioned... prim and proper. I love it.

gee said...

taking pictures out in public is a tricky thing..haha.
but, these are perfect. you look beautiful as always polly..!!!
have a wonderful weekend friend.. <3

meredith said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post. I definitely struggle with other people's opinions of me. It's something that is going aways just takes time I guess. :)

Amelia said...

you go girl ;) confidence, that's a beautiful thing. you look beautiful, love the dress. it's the perfect fit and length

Anastasia said...

I think everyone has been rejected at least once in life.
The most important is to stand up and become stronger.

I also deal the same problem, I dont have anyone to take pictures of me, so I feel so embarassed to pose in the street.
people think I am crazy..and it is one of the reason I am not posting photos that much :-(

Anonymous said...

you are so beautiful.. :) found you in chictopia.. i love your style.. and your photos are just stunning! :) amazing blog you have here.. :)

followed your blog, lookbook and chictopia.. :)

hope we could follow each other.. i'm a huge fan!!! :)

Ashley said...

I love Conor, and I'm so loving your shoes! Also, I love all of the little Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind references throughout your blog; you've created a truly special space here! I'm wondering if you would be interested in following each others blogs? xx

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

happs on the weekend doll, hope it isn't too overwhelming for you today. gosh as far as a suggestion, i dunno, just gotta go with your mood and when you're ready the art will pour out. have faith!

you are a wonder, a leaf throwing and beautiful vintaged up wonder! love this colorific post. good for you on remaining intact after some hurdles with peeps who've been less than kind. i'll never understand those sad souls, why would they ever make fun of someone as obviously as adorable and sweet as you - i'll never know.

for my cluster comment today i also need to address some things from past posts: love the gif., your new ring and the whole suitcase adventure, plus - okay Polly that color combo with the kelly green sweater is waaaay awesome. and the darling bow does it up well.

have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the swell loves about my vlog and stuff. really appreciated it, your comment made me smile quite large in fact. xo ♥

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh! and your header is a joy! standing ‘O’ ♥


I love your outfit and sonnng!
You're so pretty

v a m p i r e said...

Polly ! love the dress and esp the shoes

lol i have never try taking photos in someone else's house before YET !

u like bright eyes too?

my fav song of theirs is Lovers i dont have to love

chicqua said...

Haha.same pinch about takin pictures in public,love ur atitude;-)
love ur dress,so pretty and the shoes are amazing too.grt colours u used here.
Much love,

christina said...

hey! so i am not the only weirdo taking pictures of HERSELF in the middle of the street! :)))
good to know..
those pics are adorable polly.. and i love the colors in your outfit!
xoxo from greece,