An Ode to Childhood

Lately I've been posting a lot of photos from my childhood. I am nostalgic in ways I wish I wasn't.. but I am starting to lose that feeling of wishing I was back in childhood without responsibilities and the biggest decision I had to make that day was what my barbies were going to wear and what my My Little Ponies' names were going to be.
(I always find this picture so hilarious. Santa made me cry!)
I am still obsessed with cats.
I miss the free time, I do.. but I suppose looking back at how I was even a few years ago makes me realize that I am growing up. I am accepting responsibility for my life and doing what is necessary. I'll never forget how wonderful childhood was for me.. but man, did it ever fly fast. Do you ever feel that way about your childhood?
love, polly


Cel said...

I feel like that about most of my life. The recent years have flown by nearly as quickly as they did when I was a kid. When I was little it was "where did the summer go?" and now it's "where did the year go?".

jen said...

i totally get where you're coming from. i feel like i miss it but i am glad i can carry responsibility sometimes.

ps you were an adorable little thing!!!

Blackbird Experience said...

YES but even more so about my 20's! I think it's good to reminisce about the past, so long as you don't lose touch with the now and how wonderful it can be. Always good to remember that the now will soon be a memory :)

The Lilac Rabbit said...

I pretty much feel that way all the time. I want to go back when all I had to worry about was school and playing.

Rachel said...

What a completely darling post...I feel really nostalgic now as well. :'D