inspirational artist: Brett Freund

I met Brett when I was studying art and design at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville at this time last year. His work is so inspirational to me and I start to think of ideas when I view his work. So, I thought I'd take this time to do a little interview with him and find out what inspires him most. I always find it really intriguing to learn what inspires the artists I aspire to.
1. Polly: Brett, who are the top artists who inspire your work?
Brett: "I'm into most artists who deal with decorative objects and mortality in their work. Nicole Cherubini is one of my favorite ceramic artists at the moment and I can never get enough of Damien Hirst's, "For the Love of God." I look at anything that comes through the Dean Project in NYC and have a soft spot for KAWS and other designer toys."
2. Polly: If you could define your goal as an artist, what would you say?
Brett: "When I originally started in ceramics there were lots of people who kept pushing blue grass and bourbon and I always felt a little more dr. octagon and vodka tonic. I guess I'm trying to relate my medium to the things that I see in my life rather than sticking it to some stereotype of an identity."
This is my favorite piece by Brett! I LOVE it so much!
3. Polly: Do you have any advice for artists who are just starting out who want to build a series?
Brett: "I think that centering yourself around having a consistent studio practice is important and making work can be the best inspiration for making better work." 
4. Polly: Do you only use specific colors with your ceramics? 
Brett: "Sometimes I try to lightly copy trends that I see around me but for the most part I think of craft as a context and try to display colors and surfaces associated with the decorative side to ceramics. I try to show intent while simultaneously making it look like I don't care. If there was a glaze that painted on plaid I would use that on everything. I like gold luster and that should explain itself. There is a ceramic artist named Greyson Perry who said he uses gold luster because wealthy people have a genetic predisposition to liking it."
5. Polly: Do you ever use your work to drink tea? I just love the tea pots and tea cups :)
Brett: "Sometimes, but most often those teapots and teacups get their colors from unsafe materials so I don't recommend it. I have recently started making more cups that are safe to drink from." 
6. Polly: what times are you most creative? (time of day, mood, or season)
Brett: "When I don't have class or don't have to teach I like to take it slow in the mornings to do things like go to the bank of grocery shop. I always try to get to the studio by noon. Night time is the right time when working in the studio. I like being up as late as I can while working but usually go home by one in the morning. Also, I will pick a night (if I'm lucky maybe two) to go out and do something fun. I really don't have much of a [social] life so I try to make my studio as enjoyable as I can." 
Thank you so much for the interview, Brett! Can't wait to see what's in the future for you.
love, polly 


Jessie said...

wow. amazing. I love it all!!



He's so talented!
And amazing art work

Also, in reference to your comment
I have not yet received the gifts yet! But once I do, I will definitely post them up :D

Yajaira said...

nice - love his work!

Morgan said...

Absolutely amazing, thanks so much for sharing. I used to spend all my time at SIUE because pretty much all my friends went to school there.

Jessica said...

love the interview, such creative work! <3

b said...

his art is so unusual and creative! wow! thanks for featuring him!


Briana Teresa said...

these are SO COOL!!! I love his style so much. I agree with you, Brett's pieces are definitely inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Polly:)

Alice said...

The blue diamonds look fantaaastic!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Wow his art is so unique and beautiful! I love the bottle ones and the tea set ones!! =) Very interesting!