Sponsor Giveaway: My Beautiful Disaster (closed)

Miss Erin from My Beautiful Disaster has always made me laugh with her crazy stories about her neighbors and pictures to go along with them. I literally laughed so loud when they moved a mattress into the hallway and she put a note on it, only to have it stolen! Then she took pictures and blogged about it! Needless to say, she makes me laugh! She has been kind enough to give away this GORGEOUS 1970's style dress to one lucky reader!
I love the material of this dress! :)
1. please follow Erin's blog, here!
2. comment on this post, telling me your favorite time of year and why!
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love, polly :D


Anonymous said...

Pretty! My fave time of the year is summer. I am sick of this winter stuff. There is 21 inches of snow where I live!

Erin D said...

WOOHOO!! I am absolutely giddy. Thanks for letting me do this Polly! Your blog is fantastic <3

Rachel said...

Winter! Mild weather here in Florida, but with Christmas and delicious cookies. :D

va said...

1.gfc follower of erin's blog

2. fav time of year is summer starting in june and up

tumblemumbo at

va said...


va said...

already have your button on my giveaways blog .


Miss Meg said...

My favorite time of year is autumn. I love the cool but not cold temps, the smells, the colors.. the clothes!
Your button and hers are on my iLove page on my blog. :)

Miss Meg said...

and, oh yes, I also am following her now as well :)

Sasha said...

Oooh lovely! My favorite time of year is most definitely fall. Its the perfect weather for lovely outfits and coming back to school is always exciting.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Gorgeous dress!
So, I follow you, her, and both of you on bloglovin.

Kellie said...

Ohmygosh I love it! So adorable.

I'm following Erin's blog.

Summer is my favorite time of year...I love the sun, sipping iced coffee, bathing suits, and light clothing :)

The Lilac Rabbit said...

Pretty dress! My favorite time of year is late spring. I like it when it's warm enough to wear dresses and strappy shirts but not hot enough that I sweat as soon as I walk out of the door.


This is so cute!
Favourite time of the year would be February - i've listed the things why I love Feb so much on my blog :)
and I'm going to chuck one of Erin's button's on my blog :)

irdaawandiraa said...

a follower of Erin's blog :)

Follow both of you on bloglovin (Irda Wandira)

My favourite time of the year is autumn ! The colour, the breeze, anything <3 Too bad, Indonesia doesn't have autumn :/

Thanks for the chance !

irdawandira at hotmail dot com

Elia said...

such a beautiful material! i love being able to feel a pattern.

my favorite time of the year right now is winter. not a california winter but a midwest winter cuz i kind of miss the seasonal change. there is an epic snow storm right now an i really want to go out and make snow angels and snow men and sled and have snowball fights! GAAHHHHHHH! but i don't miss driving in it, haha.

i now follow erin's blog and hope to laugh along with you at her post. i already follow you on blog lovin'. will follow erin soon and add her button.

hope you are holding out in the snow storm well and can't wait to see some super cute pics!

much love and peace and all that jazz

honey and salt said...

following erin.

Fall would have to be my favorite. Right when the leaves change...

Yajaira said...

pretty dress...
too much to do to participate...
i hate to start following someone for just a giveaway...

good luck to everyone else..

jaza said...

Ohhh! Nice!! Thanks to both of you!

Anonymous said...

1. Follow Erin's blog via GFC as Monik.
2. I love December so much, because it's always rain, Christmas and also my birthday.

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liz said...

Gosh ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.
Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz.
I twit here!/dokidokico/status/33488463156224000
Here I spread words about your giveaway in my blog :
My fav time is last year on October. I went to Europe for eurotrip with my BF and best friend :)

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me and everyone :)


Anonymous said...

That dress is so cute!

I love Autumn and Spring because they don't have the extremes in weather. It's never too hot (as it is right now here) and it's never too cold. It's more comfortble, I guess. Plus the sky and air is always so pretty at these times of the year!

I added your and Erin's buttons to my blog (
Following you both on bloglovin
& Erin on GFC (dearkeesha)

Kezia x

LolaDee said...

Summer, summer summer! Because the warmer days mean floral dresses, picnics in the park and evening walks on the beach :)

Following you guys on bloglovin. Also tweeted and blogged this giveaway xo


viorela said...

i follow erin's blog as viorela.
I looove the summer. I like being able to go out in just shorts and t-shirt, without having to dress in layers of clothes like in winter. There are more things to do in the summer, such as going to the beach, amusement parks, barbecuing, swimming, etc.. No need to worry about taking your life in your hands driving in ice and snow. I cannot take the cold

-i tweeted:!/violet_porto/status/34032706924843009
-i follow my littlepolly on bloglovin
-i follow erin on bloglovin

Katie said...

Following Erin's blog - ktkatherine
My favorite time of year: The time of year when autumn begins... usually mid-September/beginning of October. Everything just smells so fresh to me.
fashionfrugality at

Katie said...

Following your blog on bloglovin!
fashionfrugality at

Katie said...

Following Erin on bloglovin!
fashionfrugality at

Katie said...

fashionfrugality at

JBalloon said...

I love summer because it is warm outside!


Emma said...

omg, that is one of the coolest vintage dresses i have EVER seen!!! i love it!

Emma said...

crap. here is my email!


Emma said...

your button is up on my blog!!



Emma said...

I'm now following you on bloglovin!!



Emma said...

I'm now following her on bloglovin!!

Thanks! -Emma


Rebecca said...

I follow her blog via GFC!

Rebecca said...

My favorite time of year would have to be is such a lovely break after winter! And this dress looks like it would fit me perfectly!

Kate said...

My favorite time of year is without a doubt, SUMMER. Please come soon. I looove this dress.

b said...

i follow erin's blog!


b said...

my favorite time of the year is summer because it's warm and (mostly) sunny!


b said...

i tweeted!!/brigitteee06/status/45575524650717184


b said...

i follow you on bloglovin'

b said...

i follow erin on bloglovin'!


Morgan said...

I follow Erin's blog!

Morgan said...

Oop, meant to add that I love fall more than anything. The colors here are so beautiful and it always smells delightful outside.

Morgan said...

I also follow you on Bloglovin & GFC.

Morgan said...

I also follow Erin via Bloglovin & GFC!

b said...

i blogged!


mama*thayer said...

Ooo...My favorite time of the year is autumn. But I'm getting excited for some spring weather. I have this same dress in black, and I think I love it even more as a bright pop of color!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

erin is such a fab girl! i actually followed her a little while ago and get such a kick out of her funnies (like you say)...the washing machine one blew my mind!

thanks so much to you both for such a rad giveaway, please count me in! the dress is gorg, was just admiring some orange tights on another blogger and then i see this. coolness!!!!

well polly, my fave time of the year is almost here and it's Spring. even saying the words make you bounce, don't they?! it's all about new beginnings and births of all sorts of things around the world. i love the wisteria blooms wafting through the air and lemonade drinks to chill out with. every part of it tickles my fancy. xo ♥

Holly Simpson said...

I love your blog. My favorite time of year is fall becouse of the way all the colors look together. I also like all the yummy food.
I tried to add your button but couldn't figure out how to.

Lula said...

I love autumn, golden and redish leaves, cozy sweaters, pumpkin soup, boots.
Thanks for the giveaway!!! I just follow Erin´s blog

Romy said...

My favorite time of year in winter - Because, and I know it's stupid - I like wearing clothes freshly out of the dryer, warm, cozy, and with that amazing nostalgic smell.

Els said...

My favourite season is spring cause everything is still fresh, the days get longer, the kids want to go 's just like evrything is wakening up after a long night...

elycia said...

such a pretty dress!!!