I love hydrangeas

When I was young my mother kept an assortment of dried flowers. She had a large collection of pussy-willows that were gorgeous! I've come to find that I enjoy collecting and photographing dried flowers as well.
Say hello to the new bouquet of dried flowers now in my room! (also below). I just love this type of dried flower.. and I've come to compile quite a collection of photos of them! (all photos taken by me!) Enjoy!
Also, in one of my all time favorite movies, Harold and Maude, Maude has a bouquet of dried flowers on her living room table that I FELL in LOVE with! Everything about that movie inspires me. Hope you're having a swell Saturday! ;D Thank you all so much for the kind thoughts and comments!!
love, polly


Yajaira said...

pretty - I like it!

Rachel said...

My mom always dries flowers as well...the color they have is beautiful. :)

A said...

I love dried flowers too!
We've had a small bunch on the mantlepiece for some time now, which look quite a lot like these.
Looking forward to Suitcase Sunday!

gee said...

i <3 Harold & Maude..!!
beautiful pictures are always.
have a lovely weekend.

Katie @ Beautifully Pure said...

Lovely pictures!

We have those same bushy kind of flowers in my yard. :)

~ Katie

Bad Taste Toast said...

All the photos are beautiful! And I love the clock purse! You have the most adorable accessories :)

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

so pretty! I dried my wedding bouquet and still have it :)

Indigo said...

very pretty images x

Erin D said...

Totally random, but I see Blue Sky pop cans. I love that stuff <3

Elia said...

love this! i love finding beautiful flowers and pressing them in my book. i want to use them all for a collage later but don't have enough yet.

Polka Princess said...

What beautiful pictures! And I just HEART your bag!!!

Eri said...

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kymberley said...

Loved this post! The mere mention of "Harold and Maude" made me smile and dried flowers! I have many of them through out my home. Sometimes you just can't part with a bouquet of pretty flowers, so why not dry them?
Love the photos as well, love the outfits and photography.

Stef / Diversions said...

I just recently watched Harold and Maude for the first time - how I didn't catch it earlier I don't know. I am sure it wasn't the last time :D

Sweet flowers and I love the colour of your socks - especially with this bright skirt :)

Anonymous said...

Is that a bag with the face of a clock on it. So gorgeous. :)

I love dried flowers too. Making them is a tedious process but I love discovering them from in between the pages of a book years later. :)

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin - Style musings of a Bengali girl from Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

hey Polly!
So cute, dried flowers always remind me of ex-boyfriends haha. Love your blog and i'd be honored if you'd check out my site, lots of flower hair wreaths.