Inspiration: Littlebighead etsy!

I thought I'd share some inspiration from my new pen pal Ada's Etsy shop, Littlebighead, with you.. She does AMAZING artwork that is so very inspiring. Hope you feel inspired, too!
Kitty and Jean Luc original drawing.
Keeper of the Seas original drawing.
Sea Friends original drawing. (my personal favorite!)

Seafaring original illustration (another personal favorite!)

lupinus lupus original work.

Aren't these SO inspiring? Gosh, I'd love to have one so much.
p.s. today is my 21st birthday! :)
love, polly


The Perpetrator said...

fucking saved! thanks for sharing! these are so whimsical! i love the wolf and flowers one and the keeper of the seas. :)

The Cookie Button said...

My favourite is the bird wearing the dress <3

The Lilac Rabbit said...

I love "Seafaring". So beautiful. Happy birthday!

Isquisofrenia said...

happy b-day my sweet lady!
such a cool post
hope you have a really amazin day!!

Jamie Maldonado said...

Wow, that's great art. Also, I love Cat Stevens.

I hope you're having a great birthday!!

Also, does this work for a website button?

And do you need the code? I need to design a new button again one day ... but that will have to do for now. ha ha.

Also, you'll finally be on my blogroll when my blog gets a minor update this weekend. :)

Have a great rest of your birthday!

suzy said...

happy happy birthday!!!
(and yikes, i love those!)

Caroline said...

Lurvvlly illustrations and a big happy birthday!!!!!!!!

Krystal Clear said...

Polly, Happy Birthday...It seems youve done a beautiful job of being yourself in the past 21 years...keep it up and continue to be's a chain reaction. And I do want to hang out sometime. ISU isnt too far from UofI, you know.

Sisa System™ said...

First, Happy Birthday afterwards!
And then, tahnkz for sharing.
the pictures are great, hope i'll get one one day :D.

as ur birthday gift, take a look on my sidebar :).


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

What beautiful illustrations! So gorgeous.

Booga said...

What fun artwork, especially the mermaid one!

v a m p i r e said...

i love the very first one , thanks for sharing

and i love Cat Stevens a lot ! i have one of his album Tea for The Tillerman :)

have a great weekend

Vicki said...

these are amazing!!! so so pretty yet slightly trippy!!! I wish i could draw like this, id design some insane header for my blog like these!!! :) xo

Meggs said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely!! I hope you had the best 21st birthday ever!!!

Meggs said...

ps. I absolutely LOVE fleetwood mac and supertramp :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Haaaaaaaaaappy happy happy happy happy (belated) birthday Polly!!!!!!!! :)

andrea littlebighead said...

first of, Happy Birthday!!! and secondly, thank you soooooooooo very dearly for posting this!! you are such a sweetheart!!! i'm off to share this link now ;)

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

What a beautiful featuring of my dearest Ada.
She is as talented as she is generous and adorable !
While I type this, a sweet drawing of hers is looking at me ...

And Happy Birthday !