Lisa's Antique Mall!

For my 21st birthday my Grandma Kutch, my mom, dad, and I took a trip on intersate 55 South and ventured to Lisa's Antique Malls. (Yeah! There were several!) This is what we found:
I've never seen a vintage lunchbox collection as big as this! Simply amazing. My Grandma Kutch (the one who used to own her own antique store) bought me the perfect lunchbox.. literally. I use it all the time! :)
This cute little record player. I already have my own.. or else I would have bought it :)
This pristine condition Singer sewing machine!
Beautiful rugs and mirrors GALORE!
I wanted to buy this trash can SO BAD but my father told me I was abusing my credit card.. lol. It was 8 dollars!
these old coke bottles!
This AMAZING vintage phone!
WOULD I EVER love to do my make up in this mirror every morning! It was so expensive, though! Close to 100 dollars! :o
This AMAZING vintage hair dryer. I WANT IT!!
This adorable cat music box for a pricey $32.50!
I WANT this sea foam green party set. Oh my GAA the parties I would have!
I really wanted these chairs and the matching ash tray..
Adorable fawn figurines.
Okay. I TOTALLY ogled over this purse. I saw them in a 20's fashion book and seeing one in person was MIND BLOWING! I HAD to touch it! I flipped out in the store.. I actually just won one of these on ebay for only 22 dollars ;D
These adorable owl book ends! So cute!
be back with more pictures later..
This is my new umbrella I found there! My mom and dad bought it for me... they spoil me!
love, polly


The Cat and The Cow said...

What a dream store! Sometimes when I go to Antique stores I get overwhelmed because there are so many amazing things to look at I dont even know where to start!

Signe said...

What a lovely store indeed :)
Totally drooling over those owl book ends...

ching said...

that store is simply wonderful!
the record player and the owl book ends i adore :)

Bite The Beat said...

Wow, that antique store is a goldmine! I've been in search of a vintage Star Wars lunchbox for my Steven, but the outrageous prices I've come across on eBay cannot be justified-- at least not for my pocketbook. I wish we had a place like Lisa's here, because most of our antique malls carry more overpriced trash than treasure.

Happy belated 21st, buttercup!

v a m p i r e said...

the shop is so pretty

i love the record player

and the vintage hair dryer i used to have something similar but mine is plastic and its a toy from my beauty toy set

v a m p i r e said...

ps great number of followers 123 lol

Anonymous said...

What a goldmine! So much cuteness, I could spend all day looking around places like this.

bee. said...

sweet lord, that place looks amazing!

Sarah said...

Oh how I wish we had that store here! I love everything vintage :D

The Lilac Rabbit said...

My great-grandmother had a music box just like that. It played the song "Memory" from Cats.

carly. said...

wow. that place looks heavenly. i totally would have abused my credit card there too...that umbrella is fantastic!!

Isquisofrenia said...

wow that was an expensive umbrealla no? hahhah so pretty though
and all of this vintage stuff is just so precious , amazing to me!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...


pearlslaceandruffles said...

Wow! I love/want every single thing! xoxo

Caroline said...

Wowww, i want everything too! I'd have to get all the cat items and that little bag! I wouldn't say no to that adorable little record player either!

Lane said...

I love that record player it's so cute I just went antique shopping today and just letting you know that theres a giveaway on my blog!

Pop Champagne said...

so much vintage fun! and those lunch boxes are awesome!

ANN said...

Your umbrella is so cute and that store looks amaaazing!

I'm hosting a giveaway (House of Harlow 1960 ring) on my blog, and would love it for you to enter :)

Sarah Mullanix said...

oooh wow!!! I'd love to spend the day there...really great stuff!!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Okay I'm pretty sure my Nana has that old hairdryer! If I can find it, I may just have to send it to you! :)