I'm on my way I'm making it.

Who is to draw the line between what goes to heaven (if you even believe in that sort-of thing) and what does not? People think they are such superior beings due to their ability to contemplate their existence, but who says animals or apes cannot? Sure, they don't tell us that because they don't speak (at least in any language that we can understand). Maybe they are also contemplating their existence or why they remain but they just can't convey it to us in any form. It seems ignorant to rule out everything else and say human beings are the only souls who go to heaven. If we evolved from mere bacteria where do we draw the line? Or is there no heaven and hell at all? Do you really believe that if "God" loved us he would cast us into a fiery pit for the rest of eternity? That is why hell seems so unfeasible to me. If "God" created the universe and everything in it he also created evil. People may say that along with creating free will came evil but I don't buy it. Funny to also think that we're not necessarily at the top of the food chain. Bacteria from which we came from can also destroy us.

Now for some optimism: I wrote Quentin Tarantino a letter about how I want to design costumes for his movies. I sealed it with a kiss and I'm also hoping for an autograph on my Jackie Brown poster along with a response!

I'm hoping to make it big time.
love, polly