This used to be your life

You didn't come out of dust. You've been here for a very long time. Carried in your ancestors. You are half of your mother, and half your father. Some of your grandparents, some of your great grandparents, some of your distant aunt who lived a thousand years ago. Traits and looks carry on through person to person. Whomever they may be, I like to look at it like that used to be your former life. Now, reincarnation isn't far from my mind, either, but I'm not absolutely positive on those views. I suppose that's why being related to someone famous in the past is so stellar because you came from that person so you must have a tiny shred of them left in you. And it's nice because people recognized this person's talent or drive and it was so strong that they became famous. Lineage is such an awesome thing to ponder. And I couldn't have come from anyone better than my mother! What an awesome person.
love, polly