Proof only?

Sometimes I have to write my thoughts down or else I will forget about them completely or convince myself that I felt otherwise and erase it from my memory altogether.
love, polly

everything's turning deadsy..

I noticed the first red tree of fall today.

Fall: I have never realized how much I actually love fall until this particular year of my journey. The hot cider burning the roof of my mouth, pumpkin pie, sweet peaches and apples I picked with my own hands, sweaters and scarves. Yes, I have always hated fall because I knew what was coming. Freezing days where that one pinky toe never seems to un-numb itself and I always worry that it's frostbite. As I pace around this campus, it's a glorious patch of potential friends. Fashion seems to be overflowing here. There was such a void of that back home. How can something be so isolated from the rest of society? For this reason, I'm packing up my belongings, and moving east.
No, I haven't had much of a desire to write, lately. I'm a little perturbed by it.
love, polly