Paulie Antiques Floral Design Workshop

 Today I taught a workshop with two amazing women and it was so fun! Here are some quick photos before I jet set off to yoga! More later! XOXO

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Paulie Antiques April Floral Designs

 Yesterday I searched two floral wholesalers for some gems to give to my friends Austin and Delaney. Austin's mom Chris is a doll and commissioned me to design them this little gem! Their apartment is painted pink and purple so I knew these colors were going to be a great in their space. Of course I had to include a king pink protea as the focal point of the arrangement per usual. I also found some really beautiful light purple (strangely metallic-looking) tulips and pink tulip/peony hybrids which I had no idea existed. Wax flower gave it a nice fragrance as well as palm fronds which made it look exotic. My favorite part is being able to put blooming branches in there, as well. Happy Tuesday!
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Outfit: It takes a fast car lady, to lead a double life

For the past few months I cannot stop listening to The Cars. The title of this post is from "Double Life" which I feel really relates to my personal life. It's almost as if I do lead a double life on this blog and then in real life. I like experimenting with different looks and feeling almost like a different person from time to time. It is kind of intriguing to step out of your body and into someone else's, right? My friend Elliott came to Montrose Beach with me yesterday to shoot these photos. The lighting isn't perfect but it actually doesn't bother me too much :) This is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year when the trees are blooming and everything is new. I hope you're having a lovely day! What's your favorite type of blooming tree? I think mine is pink and white Crab Apple! ALSO, who knew that Andy Warhol is in the "Hello Again" music video by The Cars?! 
I love this hat from Eugenia Kim! It came to me with the cutest personalized letter. It's made in the USA and 100% wool. It's very well made. Definitely check out their website.. very high quality items .

Outfit details: Hat: c/o Eugenia Kim
Dress: Retro 101 in St. Louis, MO
Gloves and shoes: vintage
Celluloid Brooch: Gift from my Grandma Kutch
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Paulie Antiques Floral Work Lately

One of my friends from college Clara (from my 2013 Paulie Antiques Lookbook) hired me to design a birthday arrangement for her sister and it and it was so much fun! Proteas are always a must and I've been really obsessed with mixing leatherleaf ferns and tree ferns lately because they both last a long time. Finger acacia season has been amazing because I haven't worked with it before this year and it dries so well. It smells heavenly and is truly one of my most favorite foliages! Happy Monday! 
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St. Louis Travels

Taking a trip to St. Louis over Valentine's Day weekend turned out to be the perfect mini road-trip. I haven't been to St. Louis in a few years and I really missed the vintage shopping and the Delmar Loop. On our trip we visited the City Museum which neither of us had explored before. I definitely recommend spending a night or two of your weekend exploring the STL City Museum (they have vintage shopping there, too!) 
For breakfast we visited the cutest little place on Cherokee Row called Mudhouse. They had an amazing vegan tofu scrambler and french toast with mascarpone. The location of Mudhouse is perfect, too, because of all the antiquing in the same neighborhood!
 Flowers and Weeds is also on my must-see flower shop list. It's FULL of plants, flowers and curiosities. 
Aside from the City Museum, Retro 101 was my favorite part of the trip because I found a dreamy blue prairie checkered dress that fits me like it was made for me! I'm never disappointed in St. Louis... .
Hellebore fresh-cut at Flowers and Weeds.
love, polly


Year in Review: 2016

I blogged just as much in 2016 as I did in 2015 which makes me feel stable, at least! Looking back on my "prolific" blogging years like 2012 makes me yearn for more creativity and fashion styling, but I have to remind myself how I live in Chicago now and life moves a bit faster when you're not in school and you work as a freelancer full time to support yourself. Hopefully I am not making up excuses for myself, because I love blogging and sharing my creative endeavors on this platform since 2008. I took a few improv comedy classes at Second City in 2016 as well as a writing and performance class at the Neofuturist theatre. Those experiences changed my life forever and before 2016 I had NEVER acted in a play! I'm glad I can cross that off on my list for 2016. I also danced in two gorgeous pieces in collaboration with the School of the Art Institute Chicago and began performing at No Nation Art Gallery which has released a lot of anxiety about my performances throughout my life. Many of my performances starting at age 5 and beyond were very buttoned up and felt rigid and routined. I'd love to continue as a performance artist and I believe it's definitely one of my callings. I'm looking into an artist residency at No Nation in 2017. 
I feel very fortunate that I was able to travel to Baltimore, Washington D.C., Miami, Coral Gables, Key Largo, Key West, New York City and Portland in 2016. I am a very small town girl from Illinois and travel teaches me so much. One of my goals for 2017 is to travel off the North American continent. I'd love to keep posting more episodes of the Paulie Antiques Show and I'll certainly keep posting outfits here when I can! 
Floral design for 2017 is moving right along and I am taking on weddings solo this year as well as still working with my mentors.
Nathan Adhikari is still one of my very best friends and we are planning to book shoots in 2017 which I am also very excited and eager to plan with him! As always, thank you for reading and I wish you and yours a prosperous 2017. If you'd like to see something that you don't on my blog, feel free to leave suggestions and ideas in the comments! Happy New Year! I love you.
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