New Orleans Travels

My first trip to New Orleans was a solo adventure booked on a whim. I arrived mid-June during the rainy season.. I couldn't believe how much it rained. I stayed in a friend's quaint little studio apartment with her two adorable cats and a ton of her plants. Thanks, again, Zahra.. (I love seeing your living spaces.)
It turns out my friend Katy and her partner Roehm opened a Rubber Library Flower Bodega that I spent a couple days browsing through in Bywater, as well. They have created such an inspiring space to read, explore and buy flowers. 
I visited the botanical gardens where I saw an original Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture that I've spent so much time researching, and of course I had donuts and coffee two times at Cafe Du Monde. 
I loved roaming the French Quarter and seeing the beautiful colors and listening to the music drifting from all around. One day as I was walking around I spotted a steamboat playing an enchanting old tune out of what appeared to be brass pipes.. it was just pure magic from another era. I found a few vintage clothing shops in the quarter along with lots of antiquing. My Great Grandparents drove from Mississippi to take me to dinner in the quater one night, too!
I highly recommend touring the circa 1823 Pharmacy Museum Apothecary in the French Quarter, as well. You learn so many interesting facts about the way medicine was and honestly it made me laugh really hard. It's an excellent value, at $5.
My favorite part of the trip was touring through the old cemeteries and reading the inscriptions on the tombs. I took a $20 guided tour of the oldest St. Louis Cemetery 1 in New Orleans and honestly I think it was worth it to hear about the history and hauntings. New Orleans is a very unique city that will always hold a special place in my heart and I'll never forget this trip. I am looking forward to going back! 
Also, I've never eaten so many crab cakes and gumbo in my life.. and what they say about alligator is true: it really does take like chicken.

Have you been to New Orleans? What did you think?
love, polly


My floral designs for Juli + Alex

Congratulations, Juli and Alex! It was a dream designing your flowers for your wedding! Thank you for inviting me to the event, too. I had a blast!
All photos taken by Steve Capps
love, polly

Outfit: Pine & Clover

I came home from work carrying this bouquet of flowers my boss and I designed the other day for a corporate event and created this outfit inspired by the flowers. It's a neat take on fall with the orange Dahlias, Ranunculus and Orchids and red Celosia. I designed a wedding of a friend last weekend and I will post the photos of that bouquet which is very "traditional fall" as soon as I can! :) These boots are from Modern Vice by the way... and I'm totally in love with them and obsessed. I've been following Amy Roiland's fashion blog and that's how I found out about Modern Vice... so dreamy and made in NYC! 
Outfit Details: Boots- Modern Vice 
Dress/shorts: vintage
Hat: Anthropologie (thanks, Anna!)
Scarf: Made by Maria Mejia ♥
love, polly


My floral designs for Nick + Dana

Designing the florals for Nick and Dana's wedding was so much fun because they had this awesome conceptual image for me to work from which eventually became the two gold Manzanita trees reaching towards each other with white orchids suspended in their branches. I also manipulated birch wood to cover the clear vases while still being on the eco friendly side (aqua foam-free!)
 Working my magic at the reception...
 Dana's bridal bouquet. 

Thank you so much Dana and Nick! It was a blast to have a role in your special day!
love, polly


Outfit: Shake it Up

 It's amazing to me that I snapped these photos around 7 pm and they're still over exposed. I thought for sure the lighting would be perfect but they didn't turn out too bad despite that fact. I used to wear scarves as summer bandeaus quite often a handful of years ago but now I almost think it's too revealing for my style. I am slowly turning into a buttoned up grandmother and I think this outfit was an attempt to shake that up. I usually have one semi-revealing summer outfit and I'm thinking this is the limit for the year... haha. This watermelon scarf is one of my favorites from my mother. She gave me a lot of her beautiful scarves and I will keep them forever! Also, I will keep naming all my outfit posts after songs by The Cars....forever.
Outfit details: socks-American Apparel
heels- Steve Madden
scarf, purse & fascinator hat- vintage
petticoat- c/o Chicwish
love, polly

Outfit: True to You

 Today was a bit lazy and it suited me perfectly because I had time to walk home from work and pick a wildflower bouquet along the way. Building this bouquet was a lot of fun and of course I had my clippers because I was coming from work. I saw some gorgeous Smokebush and was content at just having that at first until I saw some wild Fennel... then I added Echinacea, Salvia, Hydrangea, Day Lily and grasses. So fun! I love Chicago in the summer!
And of course this post is named after a song by Ric Ocasek (of The Cars) True to You ... what a great man. 
love, polly