Outfit: Falling with Change

I bought another new wig a few weeks ago in hopes of changing up my look yet again. It seems change is what I revel in lately and I hardly miss the past or feel nostalgic about it. I do look back at the past and wonder about how I made it through or how carefree my life once was, but it seems I am now speeding towards evolving into my own person and I finally feel like an adult. Paying all of your own bills is gratifying, let's just say that. I love my little Chicago studio in Uptown and it's like I have a little piece of paradise. Uptown has been growing on me so much and I really feel the huge potential it holds. There are fun thrift shops all around me and beautiful houses with plenty of places for me to run all my errands. Uptown tends to get a bad name sometimes, but I defend it so much. I am happy to call Uptown my home.... and I'm happy to call Chicago my home, too. I feel like I'm going in the right direction in life and it really feels fresh and new and inspiring. Every day I am a different person from the day before. There are good people in my life in Chicago and I couldn't be more grateful. I will post a studio tour this week so you can see more of my apartment. I'm off to bed. XO
Thank you to Nathan Adhikari who is not only the photographer of this series- but also one of my best friends.
Outfit Details: Dress- Topshop
Heels- c/o BAIT Footwear
Hat- c/o Choies
Umbrella- Vintage, Lisa's Antique Mall
Suitcase- Gift from a man I met in NYC
love, polly


A Portrait of Peyton Stewart

Peyton and I have been friends for a few years now- we met through mutual friends in Urbana Champaign, IL. We both live in Chicago now so this was the perfect opportunity for me to finally have her model for me. Aren't her eyes mesmerizing? I haven't even edited them at all and they are so piercing. She is going to art school here in Chicago and she's so fun to hang out with. She even humored me by holding my stolen hydrangeas and eating this beautiful donut courtesy of Glazed and Infused.... let me tell you- the donut was amazing!
love, polly


Outfit: Ch Ch Changes

So- It's already Fall in Chicago... I almost can't believe I've been living here since the Spring. It has rained almost every day I've been here but I've learned to cover my head and haven't owned an umbrella until just the other day (thanks, Mom!). I've honestly gotten REALLY soaked in the rain while waiting on the bus, but it was kind of nice at times. In the past couple of weeks I've lost my wallet, had my bed stolen and I've had a stranger break my phone. Life in general isn't always easy but It's made me a stronger person and I've learned to survive without a phone, a bed, all my materialistic things. I've had all kinds of changes in the past month- I started a new job at Pump Room, moved into my own studio apartment and moved all my stuff from Taylorville and I've had invisalign braces now for 10 weeks! Now that I have all of my boxes from Taylorville that are full of my stuff- I feel really closed in by the amount of things I own... after living without it for the past year- it really made me realize how independent I've become of materialistic objects I used to fear losing so much. It's a great change and another chance at life I feel... Constant change is what keeps me feeling young and alive and fresh. I also bought this new wig the other day because I needed even more change. Haha! Do you like it?
My friend Elliott gave me this fabulous kimono which was owned by his grandmother last weekend... I am in love with it and this is the second time I've worn it. 

Outfit Details: Pants: American Apparel
Wedges: Steve Madden
Kimono: Vintage, Elliott's Grandmother's
Top: c/o Babewatch
Fascinator hat: Vintage
Sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses USA
love, polly

Outfit: Victorian Pink & Black

It's so bizarre to think these photos of me were taken last summer... It seems like just yesterday I was working with Adrienne Weber and Nathan Adhikari to bring Adrienne's items to life and then I rushed off to move to New York City. I definitely forgot to post photos here on my blog of this particular outfit because I've been hand-soaking this bodice from the late 1800's and trying to repair it as time passes. It will be moving to Chicago when I get my own place very soon- and I'll be selling it as a commission item through Adrienne in the Paulie Antiques Shop. Thank you to the ever willing Nathan Adhikari for always taking my photos.
love, polly