Favorite Posts of 2015

So, I know these posts are usually done in December or January... but for some reason I just didn't feel like doing it back then. The point is, I feel like doing it now so here we go! 2015 was a great year for me although I only made 29 posts. I accomplished my dream of breaking into the floral design industry and I'm happy to say that job now pays my bills full time. I was very unhappy waitressing at the beginning of 2015 and then I found floral design and slipped into my first floral jobs with ease. I was getting used to living completely alone with no financial help other than my own self. It was definitely a year of growth and learning for me. I met a ton of new people and went outside my comfort zone. I started doing yoga for trade with Zen Yoga Garage which also changed my life. I really feel like I actually made a dream come true in 2015 and now I can use that for the rest of my life. I am becoming my own independent person and it's really fabulous. Thanks for checking out my favorite posts of 2015! XOXO.

love, polly


Outfit: Pastels

Happy Father's Day! Aren't these ranunculus amazing? They're from a wedding designed by Flowers by Stem and I struck the vases, candles and flowers last night as part of my job. I love striking weddings because I get to keep some of the flowers and play with them . Life has been very busy lately and although I don't get to spend Father's Day with my dad, I am going home very soon to be with my family for the Fourth of July and my Great Grandma Polly's 101st birthday. I am very excited to head home to Taylorville and see all of my family and the wide open spaces I grew up in. It's literally a breath of fresh air compared to Chicago! Anyway, I sent my dad some lavender, tomato and pepper heirloom seeds for his garden and lavender essential oil & soap to help him sleep naturally. I hope it works! I've been so fascinated by naturally healing the body with plants. We truly have everything we need to heal ourselves from our ailments. People have even been calling me a witch lately and I love it, haha! What an amazing and complex universe. I hope you and your father have a great day. What are you up to?

outfit details: Bait Footwear shoes
Brooks Brothers blouse, thrifted
vintage skirt & hat, thrifted
American Apparel tights
my mother's socks
love, polly


Outfit: She's so Unusual

 Today was such a great day! I feel like I really accomplished some things that needed tending to including laundry and cleaning my studio. After I got some work done I visited Salvation Army and hit the mother load of vintage records including a perfect album "She's so Unusual" by Cyndi Lauper. I LOVE feel good music... I just can't get enough! Anyway, Mary Brennan sent me this dress and she's such a little doll! Thanks, Mary! It fits me perfectly! I love you! Also, I filmed a Whole Foods Haul that will be uploaded really soon! The weather has been so sunny and cheerful in Chicago that I can't help but smile! I can't believe it's only spring and it's already 80 degrees F! How is your spring going?

Outfit Details: gloves- Great Grandma Frisina's
Hat- my mother's
dress- vintage, gift from Mary Brennan
love, polly


Outfit: Lady Lilac

 WOW... I am so incredibly obsessed with lilacs this year! It's a new love affair for me as there is a very large lilac bush not far from my beach studio. I always walk to the bush with my sheers and a couple of bags to harvest some lilac blooms. Alas, lilac season is almost over! The stems are so thick and woody and they always drink a bunch of water. They don't last long before wilting, but they have the most fragrant smell and beautiful purple blooms that remind me of hydrangeas: my first floral obsession! What flower is your favorite?

Outfit Deatils: Skirt, heels, train case, blouse & gloves- vintage and thrifted
socks and hat- American Apparel
love, polly