Paulie Antiques Floral Work: Nick and Dana

Designing the florals for Nick and Dana's wedding was so much fun because they had this awesome conceptual image for me to work from which eventually became the two gold Manzanita trees reaching towards each other with white orchids suspended in their branches. I also manipulated birch wood to cover the clear vases while still being on the eco friendly side (aqua foam-free!)
 Working my magic at the reception...
 Dana's bridal bouquet. 

Thank you so much Dana and Nick! It was a blast to have a role in your special day!
love, polly


Outfit: Shake it Up

 It's amazing to me that I snapped these photos around 7 pm and they're still over exposed. I thought for sure the lighting would be perfect but they didn't turn out too bad despite that fact. I used to wear scarves as summer bandeaus quite often a handful of years ago but now I almost think it's too revealing for my style. I am slowly turning into a buttoned up grandmother and I think this outfit was an attempt to shake that up. I usually have one semi-revealing summer outfit and I'm thinking this is the limit for the year... haha. This watermelon scarf is one of my favorites from my mother. She gave me a lot of her beautiful scarves and I will keep them forever! Also, I will keep naming all my outfit posts after songs by The Cars....forever.
Outfit details: socks-American Apparel
heels- Steve Madden
scarf, purse & fascinator hat- vintage
petticoat- c/o Chicwish
love, polly

Outfit: True to You

 Today was a bit lazy and it suited me perfectly because I had time to walk home from work and pick a wildflower bouquet along the way. Building this bouquet was a lot of fun and of course I had my clippers because I was coming from work. I saw some gorgeous Smokebush and was content at just having that at first until I saw some wild Fennel... then I added Echinacea, Salvia, Hydrangea, Day Lily and grasses. So fun! I love Chicago in the summer!
And of course this post is named after a song by Ric Ocasek (of The Cars) True to You ... what a great man. 
love, polly

Paulie Antiques Floral Designs Lately

My friend from college commissioned me to design this arrangement for his mother for Mother's Day. He wanted it to be smaller, though... so it's a bit more manageable than some of my other arrangements! Haha. Of course there is the signature protea in the center, whenever possible! Have a great weekend!
love, polly 


Paulie Antiques Mother's Day design

 My friend commissioned me to make an arrangement for her lovely mother for Mother's Day and I got so excited! When she requested baby's breath I knew it was going to be a tad challenging with my "style" but I knew I could pull it off in a colorful and eclectic fashion. I can't wait to see the peach Gladiolas bloom because they are so fresh in these photos that you can barely tell they're going to bloom! It was a lot of fun making this arrangement! XO

love, polly


Outfit: She's got the Right

Lilacs are growing absolutely EVERYWHERE in Chicago right now and I can't stop snipping away at them and taking them home to put in water and give to neighbors and friends. They fill my studio with such a fresh wonderful scent that instantly enlightens my mood. I spotted these particular lilacs on a bush earlier this week and happened to have my clippers on me today because I was walking home from work (designing floral centerpieces).  It's convenient to already have your tools with you.. haha! These white and purple lilacs are so lust-worthy! I actually haven't seen these before this year! XO. Here is another post of me wearing this same dress!

 Outfit details: Heels and tights: American Apparel
Dress: Vintage, bought from Adrienne Weber
Hat: vintage, my mother's
Bow: H Mart
Pink blazer: Salvation Army

Happy Spring!
love, polly

Paulie Antiques Floral Design Workshop

 Today I taught a floral design workshop to two amazing humans and it was so fun! I bought some of my favorite "wildflowers" like this red bottle brush fuzzy protea and pink scabiosa as well as fluffy tree fern and these amazing purple tulips I've been obsessed with lately. I found a gorgeous and full pink wax flower that smelled so amazing and finished it off with peach hypericum berries. Teaching them to cut stems and strip leaves before putting them into the arrangement was fun and I wish I could teach classes like this every weekend! They also brought mimosas and I bought goat cheese with strawberries and pretzel chips with hummus. What a great Saturday! Thank you so much E & S!

love, polly


Paulie Antiques April Floral Designs

 Yesterday I searched two floral wholesalers for some gems to give to my friends Austin and Delaney. Austin's mom Chris is a doll and commissioned me to design them this little gem! Their apartment is painted pink and purple so I knew these colors were going to be a great in their space. Of course I had to include a king pink protea as the focal point of the arrangement per usual. I also found some really beautiful light purple (strangely metallic-looking) tulips and pink tulip/peony hybrids which I had no idea existed. Wax flower gave it a nice fragrance as well as palm fronds which made it look exotic. My favorite part is being able to put blooming branches in there, as well. Happy Tuesday!
love, polly