My Floral Work for Flowers By Stem

Thank you to my awesome boss Stephanie Stopka from Flowers By Stem for hiring me on this season for her weddings! Here are two weddings we set up last weekend. I made the centerpieces with her guidance. This was hardly work at all, it was all so much fun! I can't wait for our next designs, Stephanie! XO
love, polly


Outfit: You're the Cream in my Coffee

I have no idea how this is my first time making a fresh flower crown, but it is! I filled it with Baby's Breath, Yellow & White Asters and Red Ranunculus. I love the light and precious feeling it gives off, almost like a heavenly glow around the head of whomever is gracing it's presence. My boss Stephanie gave me the left over flowers to complete this crown (she knew that I needed to practice!) Thank you Stephanie! Working with you so far has been a blast! :) I'll share the floral designs I made for Stephanie soon! She runs a business called Flowers By Stem in Chicago. She's the best.
Also, I must admit with this plaid suitcase and flower crown I feel a bit like I stepped out of a modern Brigadoon. I love that play.
Outfit Details: Tights c/o We Love Colors
Skirt, Shirt & suitcase: thrifted
Shoes c/o BAIT Footwear
Fresh Flower Crown: made by me
love, polly


What I did on 4/20 this year

So... This is a music video directed by my friend Zach Rudd. We met through Clayton Fox not too long ago and decided to collaborate. I offered my apartment for a single scene filming "set" and I'm pretty certain you can tell what room is mine, haha! You can see my "Paulie Antiques Show" sign in the background a bit. The rest of the scenes were NOT shot in my apartment. It turns out that he took me up on my offer on April 20th- and part of this music video was created. He showed up at my door with Adrienne, the star of this video and I instantly loved her. Brett Rolstad shot the video and everyone was incredibly fun. It was an awesome time collaborating with Adrienne and Zach and Brett about what Adrienne should wear and do. I just loved the whole process. Thanks for including me in your video, guys! Have fun in China and India, Zach! You will be missed. 
love, polly


Outfit: Colour Me In

Man oh man... changes just seem to be sweeping through my life, lately. I love change, but I didn't necessarily see it coming so fast. My calendar has filled up with interviews for floral jobs and I am so happy and hopeful that I will be hired! I took these yesterday while on a stroll by myself. The weather has been pretty nice in Chicago, lately... I am beginning to remember why I love this city.  
Outfit Details: Vintage Lace Dress- Dandelion Vintage
Hat- My Mom's
Heels- Ecote, c/o Lori Goldstein Studio NYC
compass necklace- early birthday gift from my parents
love, polly


My Floral Designs from Design Star Course with Michael Gaffney

English Vased Urn Arrangement with Carnations, Rose and Pit 
Hand-Tied Bridesmaid Bouquet with Roses, Pit & Solidago 
Purple and Yellow Chrysanthemums, Alstroemeria, White Stock & Heather tied in a European Hand-Tied Bouquet
King Protea, Queen Proteas, Mimosa, Celosia, Craspedia Billy Balls in a Dried Arrangement 
Yellow Lillies,  Alstroemeria, Carnations, Solidago, Pit & Green Chrysanthemums in a vased arrangement
So a couple of weeks ago I started a design course with celebrity floral designer Michael Gaffney and I've been having so much fun! Here are some projects I've made so far.
What do you think?
love, polly


Outfit: Good Vibrations

Hi, guys! Who's so stoked about marriage equality in the USA? It's about time that everyone could get married to anyone they loved. Seeing the Supreme Court ruling on the news this week really was fabulous and the Gay Pride Parade is also happening in Chicago this weekend. What a week to celebrate breakthroughs for the human kind! We have a long way to go, but it's nice to know that we are advancing and giving equality to all (who have always been equal to begin with). There is only love and only marriage.... here's to 2015!
This gold costume jewelry was my Great Great Grandma Marie Berta Frisina's..... I love it so much and my mom just recently passed it down to me. I am so honored to have a family heirloom that has been in the family for this long!
Outfit Details: Gold Leotard & Pink Mini Skirt: American Apparel
Heels c/o BAIT Footwear
love, polly


Outfit: Sun Worship

Yesterday my friend Elliott and I went out to Montrose Beach around noon. I am amazed that these turned out so well considering it's the harshest time of the day to shoot! There were so many people on Montrose Beach that day that I was so glad to have a companion rather than my tripod... I always feel slightly insane posing for a tripod when I am dressed like this! Haha! I bought this romper from American Apparel a few days ago and I am obsessed.... the hat is also from American Apparel. Happy Summer!

I'm still REALLY loving my Agate Volcanic Rock necklace from Uncommon Goods! It is just my style... petite and classic! Take a glance at Uncommon Goods.... they have very unique items and this necklace was also made by a local artist named Lucy Dalton in Park Slope, Brooklyn NYC! One of my ultimate passions in life is supporting ethically made goods!
Outfit Details: Romper & Sun Hat: American Apparel
Shoes: c/o Karmaloop
Pink Flower Ring: Vintage from Etsy
Parasol: China Town, Chicago
love, polly