Outfit: Lady Lilac

 WOW... I am so incredibly obsessed with lilacs this year! It's a new love affair for me as there is a very large lilac bush not far from my beach studio. I always walk to the bush with my sheers and a couple of bags to harvest some lilac blooms. Alas, lilac season is almost over! The stems are so thick and woody and they always drink a bunch of water. They don't last long before wilting, but they have the most fragrant smell and beautiful purple blooms that remind me of hydrangeas: my first floral obsession! What flower is your favorite?

Outfit Deatils: Skirt, heels, train case, blouse & gloves- vintage and thrifted
socks and hat- American Apparel
love, polly


Recent Floral Work

 Locally grown ranunculus ordered by Stephanie of Flowers by Stem! 
 Cute arrangement I made for Flowers by Stem
 Arrangement I created for Cuticle Nail Salon
Arrangement I created for Cuticle Nail Salon
love, polly


Outfit: Spring Magnolia

When I stepped out for this shoot yesterday IT WAS FREEZING! I thought my thick pink sweater with a long sleeve blouse under would be enough if not more than enough! The weather just fluctuates so much here in Chicago springtime! I always seem to be under-dressing or over-dressing due to this fact! Anyway, I wanted an all- pink look to honor the Magnolia tree blooming down the street from my studio because Magnolias make me overwhelmingly happy! Their blooming cycle is unbelievably short, but I'm glad I got to bask in it's glory for a bit yesterday :) Are you guys enjoying spring? The redbud trees here have just started blooming and I'm planning to take some snippings from the trees so I can press them in books! 
Outfit Details:
Pink knit sweater & frilly pink blouse underneath, belt: Salvation Army
Skirt, tights, heels: American Apparel
Sparkly bow: H-Mart 
nails painted by: Cuticle Salon
love, polly


Outfit: Spring Blooms

My friend Vy and I designed & photographed this bouquet about 2 months ago before Valentine's Day. It was still pretty chilly at this point so I really had to "man up" for this shoot! I love this bouquet so much because she pretty much let me design it all by myself, haha! We were very excited that kumquats were available for our bouquet. Visit Vy's Floral Design if you're looking for a wedding & event florist! She's the best!
Outfit Details: shoes: Bait Footwear
Hat & Tights: American Apparel
Dress: Vintage STL thrift find in the Delmar Loop 

love, polly


Outfit: Shame on You (If You Can't Dance, Too)

 I already listen to so much disco from day to day, but I've been playing disco endlessly to get in the mood for a new dance piece my friend Chloe is choreographing in May. I am a dancer and also a costumer in the piece and it's called Divine Disco. I'll tell you guys more about it as we have our second rehearsal this coming weekend! I am so excited to mix disco costumes with the divine costumes of historical religious figures of Mary & Gabriel the angel. It's a very interesting concept and I feel that Chloe and I met one night at a party last year was fate! Thank you for including me, Chloe! The performance is at the IMPACT festival on Mother's Day weekend. More to be announced soon! XO
 A little more about this vintage dress I found last week: I was thrifting at Family Thrift store in Logan Square Chicago with my friend Kristin and this adorable cute older lady was holding the dress up on the hanger & I spotted it and started smiling. She looked at me and told me it belongs with me even though the lace was old and ripped up in some spots. I bought it for $10 and went home to sew up the silk lace tears. It fits me perfectly and I don't even have to suck in or take small breaths! It's a miracle! :)
Outfit Details: Dress- vintage, Family Thrift Store in Logan Square Chicago
gloves- vintage
fascinator hat- c/o Elsie Larson 
shoes- Unique thrift store
tights- American Apparel
Fur- my Great Grandmother Frisina's
Purse- University of Illinois Costume & Props sale 2012 
Happy Spring! XOXO
love, polly