Denver Travels

 In July I flew to Denver to visit my friend Anna who moved there last year. Hannah and I made a plan to visit Anna in Colorado for a week and it actually worked out perfectly. Hannah flew from New York City and I flew from Chicago to meet Anna in Denver on the same day. We spent the week exploring Denver and Golden, we hiked up Horse-tooth Reservoir (which almost killed me), and we laughed so much. Hannah's friend Emily was in town, so she swung by and spent a couple of nights with us, too! I had met her once before in NYC at a coffee shop in Brooklyn. It's so nice to catch up with these girls every year because we are constantly in different states and even different countries!
love, polly


Paulie Antiques Show: Things I learned Living in Chicago

You may have seen "Things I learned living in New York City" as an episode I previously filmed after moving back from NYC. That is my most successful video in terms of views. I thought I would experiment with Chicago this time. If you're ever in Chicago, reach out to me at and let's meet up and collaborate! 
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Paulie Antiques Show: My Daily Make-Up Routine

I had a few requests to film a "Daily Make-Up Routine" video. Once I was comfortable with my naked skin, I figured I could show you my naked face. Please be kind, haha! Also, I don't wear a wig every day. Wigs aren't my daily routine necessarily- I just added it in there for fun! Let me know what you think! XO
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I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the MCA Chicago David Bowie Is exhibition last year. It informed and astounded me how one man could be so incredibly creative. Thank you for your beautiful art, David Bowie! You will live on for the rest of eternity.
love, polly


Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Key Largo & Key West Florida

 After a 45 minute uber ride from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, I arrived in South Beach with a group of four friends on my first night in Florida last month. It was amazingly warm and humid at 1 AM with frequent short rain showers throughout the days. My friends are studying abroad and working temporarily in the United States until they go back home to France. It was exciting to see them experience Florida for the first time. I stayed with them in an International Traveler Hostel right on South Beach in Miami. The nightlife was crazy and so colorful there and I even got to hold a yellow boa constrictor on the street. We woke up the next morning, headed to the beach and had brunch by the ocean. My parents picked me up the next morning to head to Coral Gables for the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens which was mind-blowing paradise! After Coral Gables, we drove my parent's rental car to my Grandma Kutch's little trailer on the ocean in Key Largo. The next day my father and I snorkeled at John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park in the warm ocean water off the coast of Key Largo. We ate stone crab for the first time and drove down to Key West on my last day where we explored much of the island. I also had way too much key lime pie and red wine! It was truly a dream and I can't wait to visit again next year! It was a dream to return to Key Largo after all these years!
Near the famous Duval Street in Key West where roosters and hens roam the streets freely. Duval Street runs north and south from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.
South Beach, Miami Palm Trees!
A friendly Ibis who loved our fishy treats in Key Largo.
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Outfit: First Snow

Yesterday was the first snow of this winter season and it looked so beautiful falling from the sky that I wasn't even bothered at work when Christmas music came on. It feels like it's finally time for snow and Christmas music and getting snug & warm with loved ones. Although I will not be spending this Thanksgiving with my family, I will see them for Christmas. I'm looking forward to going home to Taylorville after months and months of not visiting. I love Chicago, but a change of scenery is pivotal! Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Outfit Details: Boots, Purse & Plaid Skirt- thrifted
Vintage Black Cape- Thrifted, gift from my Grandmother Kutch
Faux Fur- c/o Joules
Gloves & Vintage Fur Hat- My Late Great Grandmother Frisina's
Glasses- c/o Firmoo
Love, polly

Outfit: November in Chicago

It has been unusually warm lately in Chicago considering it's the middle of November, but I am not complaining. I went out to the beach wearing this get-up and hoped to take my mind off recent news that happened this weekend in Paris. I am speechless and somber but looking for a silver lining, somehow. I can't help but think, "Are we next?" Every new day that I'm alive is more precious than the last. I can't help but sink into this feeling as winter approaches. Every day is truly a gift.
Outfit details: Skirt & hat c/o Choies
Copper Cropped Jacket- vintage, Salvation Army
purse: Vintage, Costume & Props Sale, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
blouse: Street Flea Market in Denver, CO
Boots: Unique Thrift Store
Earrings: c/o Now or Never Jewelry
Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Faux Fur Shawl: c/o Joules
love, polly


Paulie Antiques Fall 2015 Look Book Featuring Rachael Soglin

Meet my new model, Rachael! She lives right in my neighborhood in Chicago and she's adorable! We met one night a few months ago while at a bar. I couldn't stop noticing how cute and fun she looked from across the bar so I went over and asked if she'd like to model for me. There were no ifs, ands, or butts- Rachael was on board! She's down for anything I love that about her! I am excited to hang out, again, Rachael! 
In these photos, she's wearing a yellow dress and bow tie that I designed, patterened, and sewed from scratch! 
*Thank you to Anna Longworth who bought this orange fedora for me :)
Here is Rachael wearing a skirt I made and a sheer dotted -swiss short sleeve top I stitched.
All photos taken & styled by me, Paulie Antiques
Model: Rachael Soglin
love, polly