Meeting Marilyn Lamanna

 Last month I met the fabulous and talented Marilyn Lamanna who is from Chicago. She is now going to school in New York so it's pure luck that I caught her while she was in Chicago. She and I decided to collaborate on a shoot and I mentioned my pink smoke fountains I had purchased on the 4th of July... who doesn't love smoke fountains? Of course she was enamored with the idea of a shoot featuring pink smoke fountains and my roof top! As soon as she came over it was as if we had already known each other for years and I asked her to pick out a dress from my closet. I also put some pink eyeshadow on her and did her eyebrows. I love doing makeup and wardrobe styling! We had so much fun. See Marilyn's blog post about our day here! All photos are by Marilyn with the exception of three I took on my roof top.

love, polly


My 27th Birthday Brunch

My 27th birthday was all around fabulous. Although I worked (like I always do) I attended a going away/dance party Friday night and danced my tail off. Friday and yesterday were spent dancing and I think being with friends & dancing really defines having a great birthday :) I made the reservation for Sunday brunch at Kit Kat Club in Boystown yesterday and I was scared no one would show up but thankfully it was so much fun and a lot of people showed. Do you ever get nervous hosting events thinking that no one will show up? That's pretty much why I never host events! Thankfully this was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came to my brunch, spent Friday night dancing with me, wished me happy birthday and thanks to everyone in general who I've connected with in this life. I love you!
love, polly


Paulie Antiques Floral Work Lately

I loved designing this arrangement for a friend who lives in my building. He saw my work and wanted to give something spectacular to his girlfriend for her birthday. I delivered with this, a 4 foot arrangement. She loves gold! What do you think? xo
love, polly


Visiting Portland, Oregon

 My first time to Portland was a blast and there were SO many flowers! I loved riding around in Dillon's car and cruising all the pink, blue and purple hydrangea bushes on literally every block. We visited so many beautiful restaurants and vintage shops while I was there. I would truly move to Portland if I didn't have commitments in Chicago already! Our first stop was Voodoo Doughnuts and I loved the colors & atmosphere. I was also elated that they had vegan doughnuts! We walked around downtown and did some vintage shopping before visiting Pittock Mansion and doing a little bit of hiking. We went on a hike to Oneonta Falls the last day of the trip and it was breathtaking. Thankfully this hike went better than the hike in Denver did (I almost perished). 
Dillon keeping Portland weird...... 
A fresh Banksia Protea (I've only ever seen them dried before this day!)
The second day we visited the Washington Park Rose Garden. As you can imagine, it was pure heaven for me.
Beautiful Smokebush!
Thank you for showing me around Portland, Dillon.... I had a blast and I can't wait to go back!
love, polly